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Biology Student Research Archive

Students at Alverno plan and carry out research projects in virtually all of their science courses. The purchase of much of the equipment used in these projects was made possible by NSF-ILI Grant DUE 9750658.

The following projects were conducted by students who developed their own hypotheses and research methods.

BI 341, Ecology | BI/PSY 441, Animal Behavior

BI 341, Ecology


An Analysis of pH Between Lakes and Retention Ponds in Kenosha County, Wisconsin N.Bazan, K. Jones, and M. Switzer

The Effect of Slope Gradient on Nitrogen Content in Bodies of Water in East Troy, Wisconsin E. Beiriger, N. Trew, D. Schilawski, and H. Burby

The Effects of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic on Life Expectancies for People Born From 1859-1868 & 1889-1898 L. Cannon and P. Owens

The Effects of Water pH on Plant Growth L. Escamilla, S. Cruz, D. Gilmore and S. Kasprzak

Vegetation of Ephemeral Ponds vs. Permanent Pond C. Johnson, H. Khan, and L. Schneider

The Effect of Pine Needles on Soil pH Level S. Musial, K. Malek, A. Thaney, and D. Heidt

The Symbiotic Relationship between Rhizobia and Pea Plants J. Webster and A. Raap


A Comparison of pH and Nitrogen Levels in Deciduous and Coniferous Tree Soils S. Abdallah, R. Halimi, and A. Jimenez

The Impact of Low to High Anthropogenic Disturbance on Amounts of Bacterial Contaminants in the Watersheds of the Milwaukee River Basin A. Dlugi, K.Banks, and L. Vang

The Difference in Life Expectancy Between Women of Religious Order and Women Not Affiliated with a Religious Order in Milwaukee, WI A. Nickrant, K. Roxas, K. Putnam, and L. Waldron

The Effect of Soil Nutrient Level (K, P, N) in Soil of Lakeland Parks by Lake Michigan and Inland Parks In The Milwaukee Areas D. Perez, M. Holmes, abd C. Ramsey

Concentration of Dissolved Oxygen in the Kinnickinnic River and Menomonee River S. Popoutsis

The Effects of Vehicle Emissions and Pollution on the Acidity of Soil in Rural and Urban Parks M. Griebling & S. Rodriguez

The Effect of Water Temperature on pH Levels in Rivers A. Sagat, C. Clark, and A. Nathavong

Occurrance of Escherichia coli in water of the Horicon Marsh Conservation Area K. Soens, T. Moore, and J. Frisch


A comparison of pH in water at the Urban Ecology Center (Menomonee Valley) and Estabrook Park T. Bolden, S. Brumfield, and L. Sonberg

The effect of substrate on temperature S. Robinson, C. Granlund, and E. Condon

Life Expectancy of Males During the Time Periods of World War I and II K. Speerschneider and Nava Moniriarani

The Effect of Coniferous and Deciduous Soil on Bacterial Growth in Jackson Park K. Teresi, M. McLean, J. Hoernke


Comparisons of Water pH in Sources both Polluted and Non-Polluted by Waste Runoff in Southeastern Wisconsin E. Andrew, C. Hess and C. Kamine

The Effect of a Paper Factory on Chlorine Levels in the Milwaukee River C. Asetamy and L. Hart

Comparing pH Levels of an Urban Watershed to Agricultural/Rural Watershed in Southeastern Wisconsin L. Brito and J. Uszler

The Effect of Coniferous Tree Soil on Bacterial Growth K. Heino and A. Mijovic

Soil pH Along the Kinnickinnic River and Lake Michigan E. Isaacson and D. Hernandez

Effect of Phosphorus on Dissolved Oxygen Levels in the Jackson Park Pond and Lake Michigan S. Jackson, S. Klosiewski, & S. Zavadsky

The difference in pH at nighttime and daytime of the Milwaukee River K. Vue, F. Al-Sammarraie, and T. Johnson

Nitrogen and Phosphorus Levels in the Soil at Lakeshore Park M. Smith and T. Nichols

The Affect of Cellular Respiration on pH levels in Lake Michigan and Silver Lake R. Romleski and J. Dropp


The Effect of Filtering Water through Charcoal and Sand on Nitrogen Content L. Babcock and L. Allen

The Effect of Type of Vegetation on Soil pH in Tsuga canadensis & Juniperus sabina “broadmore” K. Campbell and D. Piazzo

Lake Michigan pH compared to pH of Milwaukee’s ponds L. Cwikla and L. Hasan

The Effect that Phosphorus Usage has on Different Areas of the Milwaukee River W. Gadouas and S. Lieske

pH of Water Samples Obtained from the Milwaukee River Demonstrate Weak Inverse Correlation with Distance Upstream from Lake Michigan T. Jeselun and H. Zaal

Does Jackson Park Water Have Higher Phosphorous Levels Than Water From Lapham State Park? R. McNulty and D. Sadowski

The Difference in pH of Lakes and Ponds in the Milwaukee Area M. Petrick and C. Macorncan

A Comparison of Lead Levels in the Drinking Water between Milwaukee and Oak Creek B. Poulter and D. Renk

Soil Nitrogen Gradient C. Rincon and J. Reed

Is the PH of Water Systems Higher in the Evening or in the Morning? A. Roberts and A. Derrick

The effect of gender, on lifespan of humans born before 1900, buried in Prairie Home Cemetery, Waukesha, Wisconsin. D. Roethel


pH of Ground Water and City Water A. Sherman and K. Miller

Effects of Soil pH on Bacterial Growth C. Richter and N. George

Nitrate levels in Wisconsin rivers and lakes L. Dahms, B. Anton and T. Lee

Suburban vs. Urban Soil Nutrient Levels in Milwaukee, Wisconsin M. Dreger and J. Preis

Plant Species Diversity in Burned Prairies P. Lem, L. Metzger and T. Schwed

Variations in Water Quality between Various Urban and Rural Locations along Lake Michigan S. George and E. Janusiak


Population coverage size of Bunias orientalis K. Malzewski and S. Cebula

Effect of Earthworms (Lumbricus terrestris) on the Amount of Phosphorus in Soil V. Dethleuxay & T. Fahres

A comparison of pH in rural and urban bodies of water in Wisconsin K. Klabunde and J. De Santis

Comparing pH in Lakes and Ponds In the Milwaukee Area A. Cerna and S. Imp

The Effect Vegetative and Non-Vegetative Areas have on Moisture Levels in the Soil T. Hedrick

Escherichia coli and coliform levels in the Milwaukee River C. Marx and M. Havaich

River pH Upstream and Downstream K. Ranney

Plant Population S. Rodell and L. Calvi

pH differences in Tap Water vs. Retention Pond Water K. Russell

Soil pH of Urban vs. Rural Parks K. Schmidt and E. Storvick

Will C. auratus forage more in a constant dark environment than in a constant light environment? N. Windschanz & S. Barbian


Comparing the pH Levels of Lakes and Streams V. Pham, Z. Bibi, and L. Lo

pH Differences in Pond versus Lake S. Teichmiller V., S. Hernández, and J. deRuiter

Life Expectancy: Rural vs. Urban Dwelling Individuals Born Between 1880 and 1900 J. Bartlett, M. Carson, M. McGinty

Presence of Escherichia coli with Cladophora Algae C. Carver, L. Liegler, and E. Sonnenberg

A Comparative analysis of Nitrogen Content in Sediments of Lakes and Wetlands S. Grochowski & M. Peart


Measurement of Dissolved Oxygen in Lakes and Ponds during Light and Dark Conditions  J. Finn and R. Berger

Economic Display in tombstone and Life Expectancy Pattern  M. Duersteler and  N. Albor

Turbidity in Response to Steam Flow Rate  A. Krull and R. Drca

Comparison of the dissolved O2 level in local ponds and rivers  B. Martinez

The effects of soil moisture on microbial reproductive patterns  T. Orr

Testing Nitrogen and Phosphorous Levels in Soil on the Tops of Hills and the Bottoms of Hills  M. Siegel

The Soil pH Levels at Hoyt Park and Creekwood Park  K. Sofic

The Relationship Between pH and Nutrients in the Soil  A. Sorby and K. Knecht

Life Expectancy among Men and Women during World War I  A. Wright


Wisconsin Lakes and Ponds T. Berger and E. Livermore

Effect of Dog Feces on Soil Nitrate Content C. Collins and S. Gruber

Temperature of Soil Around Bodies of Water E. . Mathews, M. Lynhiavu, M.-R. Malamig

pH and Nitrate Levels in Rural and Urban Lakes S. Reszczynski, C. Quiner, E. Steen

Comparison of Escherichia coli levels in Lake Michigan between 2004 and 2006 and of Escherichia coli levels between Bradford Beach and the South Shore Marina. A. Kaboskey, K. Patterson and E. Ratliff

Life Expectancy of Children in Racine, Wisconsin before and After the Introduction of Penicillin I. Renteria

Nitrogen and Phosphorus Leaching Expressed Through Simple Soil Testing J.Schmanski & A. Zimmerman


The Effects of Sewage Dumping on Lake Michigan’s pH Level M. Bouldin and C. Stevens

The Effect of Untreated Sewage on Escherichia coli Population Levels in Lake Michigan L. Doughty and B. Clark


Exploration of temperature between Lake Michigan and the land adjacent to it at different times using thermometers. By J. Clemence and V. Vedasto

Nutrient Content of Agricultural Soil: Fertilized versus Unfertilized By B. Feaster and L. V. Michel

Comparison of Water Quality in Low Population and High Population Lakes of Waukesha County By A. Lofton, T. Nagel and J. Strick


Determination of pH Level in Soil Near 9 Different Ponds By A. Baran and M. Mecklenberg

Comparison Methods in pH and Nitrate Level Concentrations from Urban and Rural Bodies of Water By S. Keuer, S. Ahmad and M. Battle

Soil pH in Oak Creek and Franklin By K. Pendergast

Effect of Changing Temperature on Mesophiles and Psycotrophs in Lake Michigan By E. Pandzik and A. Williams

Detection of Escherichia coli and Enterobacter aerogenes in water samples collected from two sites, one site near South Shore Water Treatment Facility, the other farther from the Facility, on Lake Michigan, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin By S. Duelge and M. Unruh

The Relationship Between Dissolved Oxygen & Water Clarity In Milwaukee Area Water By Linda Smith & Lisa Trease


Fox River Water Study By E. Keller

Comparison of Nitrate and Phosphorus Levels in Retention and Non-retention Ponds By C. Mark and J. Matt

Nutrient Comparisons Between Fallow and Crop Fields By K. Olsen

Comparisons of soil: Land Development soil vs. Undisturbed Soil By I. Robinson

E.coli and Seagulls By L. Wielichowski and K. Manke


Comparison of Total Fecal Coliform Bacteria and E. coli in Pond vs. Lake Waters By A. Bieniek & S. Koprowski

Quantification of Soil Microbes on Eight Prairie Sites versus Eight Deciduous Tree Sites By C. Cauley

Oxygen Production and Depletion by Phytoplankton in Light and Dark Conditions of Area Ponds By J. Clark & S. Dorlack

Milwaukee Gull Populations in Relation to Distance from Lake Michigan By P. Homolka

Comparison of Soil Temperatures in a Prairie vs. Barren Agricultural Field By M. Ustymowicz

Correlation Between the Numbers of Branta canadensis and fecal coliform contamination in the Milwaukee County Parks By S. Whitaker

Comparisons of pH and Phosphorus Levels in Pine and Deciduous Soils By W. Zoltak


Public Lake vs. Private Lake Water Quality By A. Bergman

Comprehensive Soil Analysis of Alverno Prairie Site By D. Howe

Water Quality in and outside of Milwaukee County By C. Lemcke

Prairie Research Project By D. Lewandowski and E. Kutulas

Creating a Self-sustained Underwater Ecosystem By J. Luebke-Wheeler and E. Rute

Nutrients in Soil Samples in a Four Region Area; Swamp, Wood, Water, and Field By K. Romanowich and J. Johnson

Mums in the Cold By D. Vang


Soil and Air Contaminants By M. Breedlove, A. Lane and R. Bissell

Water Temperature and Oxygen Saturation in Relation to Barometric Pressure By M. Durocher and F. Quintanilla

Nitrogen Dioxide Content in Air By M. Fox

Detecting Water Quality By K. Johnson - Winters

Vegetation and The Differences in Soil Composition: Is This a Good Method of Prediction? By K. Rose

Fecal Coliform Bacteria in Lake Michigan vs. Pewaukee Lake By K. Stanislaw

BI/PSY 441, Animal Behavior


Response to Human Familiarity in Ovis aries J. Barnes, M. Fritz, and L. Lo

The effects of water temperature on feeding behavior in the guppy, Poecilia reticulata R. Berger and J. De Santis

The Effect of Temperature on Chirp Loudness (dB) in Gryllus assimilis A. Brower and N. Windschanz

The Effect of Environment on Learning in Carassius auratus J. Choi

Goldfish Carassius auratus foraging with predator presence A. Krull and M. Havaich

The Effect of Caffeine on the Wheel Running Activity of Mus musculus E. Sonnenberg and L. Liegler


Role of Shell Size in the Shell Selection Behavior of Hermit Crabs (Coenobita clypeatus) S. Both, S. Reszczynski, E. Steen, and E. Vogel

Effects of Predator Scent on the Foraging Behavior of Acomys cahirinus J. Yeek and E. Cronn


The Effect of Bacopa monniera on Spiny Mice By B. Clark

Enrichment Effectiveness in a Captive Pinniped Population By C. Corson, L. V. Michel, and D.Zaks

The Effects of Caffeine on the Wheel Activity of House Mice (Mus domesticus) By C. Sonntag and E. Zawikowski


The Effects of Common Square Meal vs. Advanced Nutrition Diet on Mean Wheel Revolutions in House Mice By B. Feaster

Average Response Time of Completing Y-Maze in Male and Female House Mice (Mus musculus) By Q.Johnikin

Domesticated Cats and Domesticated Dogs: The Capacity to Remember By R. Krajnak

Foraging Behavior of the Poecilia reticula In Groups of Different Sizes By M. Schmidt

Shyness and Boldness in Guppies (Poecilia reticulata) By J. Strick

The Effects of Light on the Activity Levels of Mice By L. Wielichowski


The effects of Bobcat (Felis rufus) urine on the preference behavior of Mice (Mus spretus) in a relatively familiar environment. By K. Chechilnitskaya

Response of Mice to Domestic Cat Urine By J. Graef

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