SC 120, Foundations for Natural Science 2


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Biology: A Guide to the Natural World, David Krogh, 3rd Edition, Custom

Course Description

SC 120 - Foundations for Natural Science 2 (4 credits, 3 hrs. lec., 3 hrs. lab.)
Prereq.: SC 119 or 117 & CH 050 -- The student analyzes major concepts, laws and theories of biological and physical sciences and relates them to balances in nature. A strong emphasis is placed on cell functioning, particularly on the structure and function of the plasma membrane, energy metabolism, and genetics. The primary focus of the laboratory centers on the design and implementation of an investigative project. This course is required for all students planning to take additional science courses.

Note that you must be registered in SC 120D

Course Outcomes

After successfully completing this course, the student will be able to:


Research Tools for use in finding information for Bioethical responses, focus groups, and environmental projects.

APA Style References

Writing in Biology, a short guide to style and technique

Sample Fish Farm Report

Making Successful Posters

Doing Statistics on Excel

Euglena Sites

The Euglenoid Project


Photomicrographs of Euglena

Also see Euglena materials on reserve at the library.

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