There will be five (5) formal Assessments throughout the course
and an opportunity to demonstrate "Valuing Level 3

All students will participate in all five assessments

ASSESSMENT 1: will focus on the history of microbiology; cell structure; and basic laboratory techniques. You are expected to demonstrate level 2 of analysis and problem solving in the context of microbiology and valuing level 1 and 2.

ASSESSEMENT 2: will focus on growth and control mechanisms of microbes. You are expected to demonstrate level 3 of analysis and ability to create mini case studies regarding choice of control mechanisms selected. In addition, you will need to demonstrate level 3 of quantitative literacy.

ASSESSMENT 3: will focus on metabolic pathways and microbial genetics and virology. You will need to demonstrate quantitative literacy, analysis and problems solving at level three in order to interpret the case studies and models.

ASSESSMENT 4: will be divided into Part A and Part B and is based on Part two and three of your laboratory work.

will be your laboratory report of your unknown organism. Although you may discuss your results with your peers, the report is your individual analysis.

The report must include:

Successsful completion of this report based on your experimental work will partially validate you for ANALYSIS and PROBLEM SOLVING, level 4.

will be a joint project with a partner. You and your partner will design and implement an investigative research project using either your unknown, your partners or both. Since you already know much about one of these (or both) organisms, what else do you want to ask about the organism?

ASSESSMENT 5: will focus on epidemiology, immunology and the applied aspects of microbiology.


For those who wish to demonstrate Valuing Level 3.

During the semester, there will be a number of learning experiences for level 3 of Valuing in the context of microbiology. However, if you wish to be validated for level 3 in this context

On completion of the above two components and the approval of the instuctor, you can go to the Assessment Center and ask to take Level 3, Microbiology Assessment in Valuing and Decision Making. Be certain to complete the self assessment.

This assessment must be completed two weeks before the end of the course.

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