The professional communication degree program is designed to assure that women develop a sound understanding of communication principles and the skills to apply that understanding strategically in a wide variety of situations. This approach is designed to help students develop into expert communication generalists.

A professional communication graduate develops insight and expertise to interpret, create, and deliver messages effectively. By emphasizing the integration of theory and practical application, the program prepares graduates to assume professional positions with relevant knowledge, practiced skills, and a solid sense of communication standards and ethics.

This major provides individual and collaborative project experience in oral presentation, professional writing, visual design, and multimedia technology. The student learns and uses computer software packages that will enhance her professional capabilities.

Using increasingly sophisticated levels of analytic, problem-solving, and valuing abilities, she learns to select and combine multiple communication strategies. She develops the powers of clear explanation and persuasion that characterize a successful communicator in any profession. The department of professional communication offers the following:

Core Curriculum of Courses
Specialization Areas
Professional Communication as a Support


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