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Technology Classrooms

There are a variety of technology classrooms available on campus for general instructional use. In addition to the technology classrooms listed below, the Wehr Hall auditorium, the Conference Center and Kellogg A have permanent projection systems with a computer, VCR, document camera, and a control system.

Each classroom on campus is wired for access to the campus network and the Internet. In addition, there are many wireless zones. A complete list of wireless zones and additional information is available at http://depts.alverno.edu/techserv/students/wireless/wireless.html.

A computer and LCD projector on a cart can be requested by instructors for use in any classroom. To access the online equipment reservation form please go to http://depts.alverno.edu/techserv/facstaff/scheduling/equipreq.html

All computers on campus are running Microsoft Office 2007 on the PCs and Office 2008 on the Macs.  Office 2007 documents will not open in Office 2003 unless the user has a compatibility pack installed or they are current in their Windows updates.  Converting from Office 2007 to 2003 might result in the loss of some formatting.  Options exist in Office 2007 to save as Office 2003 or a .pdf.

PC Classrooms
(# of computers in room)

CH 075 (32)
CH 080 (30)
CH 194 (26)
LA 307 (16)
LA 312 (14)
LA 411 (24)
TL 109G (20)
TL 110 (30)
TL 111 (30)


The Registrar's Office schedules regular semester-long use of these classrooms. These rooms are available for walk-in use when not reserved for classes.

Occasional or one-time use may be requested by completing the room request form at http://depts.alverno.edu/techserv/facstaff/scheduling/roomreq.html Paper forms are available in the mailroom or in the Computer Center. Requests should be made at least 1 business day in advance.


Smart Classrooms

AL 258       CL 105        LA 306
CH 076      CL 109         LA 308
CH 188      CL 113         LA 309
CH 193      CO 119        LA 310
CH 195      CO 120        LA 313
CH 291      CO 121        LA 319
CH 293      LA 109         LA 320
CH 297      LA 112         LA 417
CL B18       LA 113        TL 112
CL B20       LA 301        TL 201
CL B22       LA 303        TL 219



These rooms contain an instructor’s station with a computer, built-in projection, document camera and DVD/VCR. The Registrar's Office schedules regular semester-long use of these classrooms. Occasional or one-time use must be requested through Facilities Usage.

Mac Lab

TL 113 (in Media Hub)

Twenty Macs, instructor's station, built-in projection, VCR/DVD and wide-format duplex color printer


Media Hub Lab

TL 114D

Seventeen PCs and 8 Macs, CD/DVD burners, CD players, scanners and VHS video editing suites. Students can also digitize and upload video to the Digital Diagnostic Portfolio (DDP) from the stations located here. Black/white and color laser duplex printers are available.   Home of Alverno Inferno Free Radio (AIFR).

Nomad Cart Rooms

LA 408 and CH 077

Have Nomad Carts permanently assigned.  Nomad Carts include a computer, projector, document camera, VCR, whiteboard and Bose Sound System and a DVD player.

Small group workrooms

TL 109C
TL 109E Has Optical Trackball mouse.
TL 109F Has Optical Trackball mouse.

Each workroom has 1 PC and space for up to six people to work on a computer project

Small group classroom

TL 109D

7 PCs at tables for classes working in groups of two or three

Interactive White Board Rooms

CL 105             CL 109
CO 120            CO 121
LA 303             LA 313
LA 320             TL 114D
(in Media Hub)

Contain Interactive White Boards mounted to the wall.






















Open Access Lab
TL109B - Computers available for walk-in use by students (not reserved for classes). Color laser and two black/white laser printers are available. All printers have duplex (back-to-back printing) capabilities.


Many different software applications are available and used for coursework. These include standard Office 2007 applications as well as software used by specific courses. Students have access to software for concept mapping, creating graphics, desktop publishing, mathematical analysis and graphing, programming, statistical analysis, tutorials, video editing, and web design. Software maps are posted inside computer classrooms.

Specialized software is available for students with disabilities. Please visit the Adaptive Technology page for more information.


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